Obaid was born in a Muslim family in Afghanistan; he was a practiced and devoted Muslims for the first two and half decades of his life. He went through Islamic religious classes for three years so that he could officially be called as an Imam.

But it was then when God opened his spiritual eyes and he met Jesus in his heart, when he was doing his higher studies in Pakistan. After finishing his higher education he returned to Afghanistan where he lived a secret Christian for almost four years.

He had escape to India when his own family members and relatives found out about his faith in Jesus. He had to leave everything just to follow what the Lord’s will was for his life. He lived as a refugee in India for almost nine years.

Obaid In India, he had the opportunity to go to Bible College for three years and also to plant an Afghan church. Read another article here.

He also served as the leader of the Afghan Christian Refugees Community, radio producer with TWR India and audio interpreter for ISO ministries. He also founded a Christian Charity under the name of “Dari Fellowship of India”. He and the Afghan church were badly persecuted by the Muslim community in New Delhi, India.

An open letter from the Afghan Christian Community!

Since India is not a signatory of the refugee convention and from other side it was also not a safe haven for Obaid, then had to leave India and come to Canada though a Canadian Church Sponsorhip in the year 2015.

After Coming to Canada, he met with the Jesus Network where he was able to plant a new church at his home in Mississauga and to join Jesus Network outreach in Toronto and other areas in GTA.

His vision is to reach out to Muslims and especially those who speak in Farsi, Dari, Hazaragi, Pashto, Tajiki, Urdu, Hindi and English languages. His main mission is to start an Afghan church in GTA. He considers it a great, wonderful pleasure and honor to serve Lord Jesus under the Jesus Network.

Besides reaching out Muslims in GTA area, he is also involved in social media ministries where he produces four teaching videos every week and puts them on facebook and youtube where hundreds of people are following him. There are many online churches planted through his facebook ministry.

Watch other videos by Obaid.

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